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CMS Lap Timer Guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the iPod Touch included with the Turnkey System be used as a normal iPod Touch for listening to music, etc?

Yes. Refer to the iTunes Setup Guide.

Is an external GPS module required?

No, for demonstration purposes, slower speed events, or when used in a beginning/novice driving event.

Yes, for high speed driving events.

Which external GPS modules are supported and recommended?

GPS Module Notes iOS Android
Dual XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS 4Hz update rate (requires firmware update) Yes Yes
Dual XGPS160 Bluetooth GPS 10Hz update rate Yes Yes
Emprum UltiMate GPS 5Hz update rate Yes No
Qstarz BT-Q818XT Bluetooth GPS 10Hz update rate. Programmable for 5Hz also. No Yes

The app seems stuck showing "Acquiring GPS", what is wrong?

The most common cause is that Location Services are turned off.

Go to the Settings app, then Location Services, make sure it is on, then scroll down to CMSLapTimer and make sure it is on.

Additional steps for the Bad Elf GPS module:

  1. Ensure the Bad Elf app is installed; it is free from the App Store
  2. Completely turn off (press and hold the power/sleep button until you see a "slider" appear at the top of the screen; slide it) the iPod and turn it back on (what a few seconds and then press the power/sleep button for about a second)
  3. Ensure the GPS module has a southerly view of the sky (the green light on the module flashes while it acquires a GPS lock, then the light goes to solid green and the No GPS warning will disappear).

    This part should be done each time you arrive to a track to ensure the GPS module has a good GPS fix; then the No GPS warning should disappear within a few seconds of starting the app before each session.

How is the data transferred to other devices and/or computers?

For iOS device to device transfer when the devices are near each other, Bluetooth Exchange from the Runs screen. Otherwise, via email from the Run Details screen. To transfer to a computer, use email or connect the device to a computer and use iTunes File Sharing (first Export the run data from the App on the Runs screen).

For Android device to device transfer, use email from the Run Details screen. To transfer to a computer, use email or connect the device to a computer and transfer the files from the Android's Downloads folders (first Export the run data from the App on the Runs screen).

How is video transferred to other devices and/or computers?

Videos can be uploaded to YouTube using the Photos/Gallery apps (iOS, Android).

Videos can be transferred to a computer by plugging in the iPhone/iPod/iPad to the computer via the supplied USB cable. For Turnkey Systems that have not be associated with an iTunes account (see iTunes Setup), the iOS device will appear as a camera which allows any photo/video software to transfer the video to the computer. On a Mac, the Preview app can be used. On a PC, the File Explorer can be used.

For Android, connect the device to a computer and transfer the files from the Android's Pictures.

Can the data be used with apps on a PC?

The app can export CSV data files which can be imported into any app that supports the MaxQData CSV format; such as TrackVision, RaceRender.

Also, you can export the raw data into a run file which is really just a ZIP file that contains several MaxQData files, including the MQD data file and the MQB beacons file; both of which can be imported into the MaxQData Chart app (Download: Setup.exe). Simply rename the exported run data file to a .zip file and unzip it.

How can I use a GoPro?

Set up the GoPro to enable WiFi for the GoPro App.

On the phone/table use the Settings app to connect to the GoPro local WiFi network.

In the Lap Timer Settings, enable GoPro. On the Recorder screen a status indicator for the GoPro will appear.

  • Yellow == GoPro not connected
  • Blue == GoPro connected and ON
  • Red == GoPro recording

Once the GoPro WiFi is set up it can be turned OFF with just WiFi turned ON (depending which model you have). The app will automatically turn on the GoPro whenever the app is on the Recorder screen. The app will automatically start the GoPro recording when the app starts recording and then automatically stop. The app will turn off the GoPro whenever it is not on the Recorder screen. Note that with the GoPro turned OFF but with WiFi turned ON, the battery will be drained in a few hours. Therefore, the GoPro should be connected to a power source when WiFi is ON.


For additional support, visit CMS Lap Timer Pro Support Blog or Email Support.