CMS Lap Timer Pro

CMS Lap Timer Pro App for iOS and Android

The Cantrell Motorsports Lap Timer Pro is the easiest to use GPS-based lap timer, data recorder, video recorder, and performance analysis app available for iOS devices.

Main Features

  • No setup or calibration is required!
  • Automatic data and video recording; simply open the app to the Recorder screen and drive!
  • HD Video on devices that support it
  • Real-time display of speed, g forces, and lap times
  • Immediate analysis of performance data and video at track side
  • Lap and segment times
  • Automatic track mapping; no need for predefined track info
  • High resolution GPS (up to 10Hz) using an external GPS module
  • Designed for auto-crossing, road racing, karting, motorcycle racing, bicycle racing and more...
  • Data sharing via Bluetooth (device to device at track side), email, and iTunes File Sharing
  • Share and compare lap times using the CMS Cloud Service


CMS Analysis App for the Mac

The powerful and easy to use data analysis on a big screen.

  • Compare two laps from the same run or two different runs
  • Free!


Available for download here:

Mounting Kits

Recommended Mounts

Mount Notes iOS Android
RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Suction Cup Mount

Universal mount.

A hard case that protects the side buttons from being pressed by the X-Grip is recommended.


RAM Mount iPhone 6 Plus Cradle and Suction Cup Mount

iPhone 6 Plus

Yes No
RAM Mount iPhone 6 Cradle and Suction Cup Mount

iPhone 6

Yes No
RAM Mount iPhone 5 Suction Cup Mount

iPhone 5/5S

Yes No
RAM Mount iPhone 4 Suction Cup Mount

iPhone 4/4S

Yes No
RAM Mounts for iPod Touch


Yes No


High Resolution GPS Modules

An external GPS module is required for high speeds

Recommended External GPS Modules

GPS Module Notes iOS Android
Dual XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS 4Hz update rate (requires firmware update) Yes Yes
Dual XGPS160 Bluetooth GPS 10Hz update rate Yes Yes
Emprum UltiMate GPS 5Hz update rate Yes No
Qstarz BT-Q818XT Bluetooth GPS 10Hz update rate. Programmable for 5Hz also. No Yes