CMS Lap Timer Pro

GPS beacons allow you to specify the start of laps and lap segments. Beacons are edited using Analysis.

For road racing, at least one full lap of data is required to place beacons.

You can place up to ten beacons.  The course can be open-ended or closed. 

Beacon placement guidelines:


GPS beacons consist of the GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude) and the direction the vehicle was traveling at the beacon position.

To place the first beacon:

  1. Move back to the beginning of the run using the "Start of Run" menu item.
  2. Move the vehicle forward in time by dragging your finger on the screen from right to left until the vehicle appears on the track map at the position where you want the lap start/finish line. 
  3. Use the "Add Beacon" menu item to place the beacon.


The first beacon you place determines the start/finish line of each lap. Additional beacons define lap segments.

To clear all beacons, use the "Remove Beacons" menu item.

Beacon are associated with the locations.

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