For applications that require the Dash tablet to be fixed to the vehicle, an optional tablet may be used for the Analysis and Video features away from the vehicle/Dash. The data and videos are transferred from the Dash tablet to the Analysis tablet using Sync.

Syncing uses WifiDirect to transfer the run data and videos from the Dash tablet to the Analysis tablet. For best performance, use Settings/System/Wifi to turn OFF Wifi before syncing.

Dash tablet Analysis tablet
To initiate syncing of the Dash tablet to the Analysis tablet, select the "Sync Analysis" menu option on the Dash tablet's Recorder screen and the Analysis tablet's Analysis.
Initially, both Sync screens will attempt to find each other and display a "Finding Peers". The upper left displays the tablet's ID.
The first time Sync is performed the Dash and Analysis tablets need to be paired. The Dash Tablet will popup a connection window displaying the Analysis tablet's ID. Tap on the Analysis tablet's ID to pair the tablets.
Once connected, both tablets will show their connection status in the upper left. Both device should show connected; if not, then return to the Recorder and Analysis screens, ensure Wifi is disabled and try again.

The sync process transfers only new files from the Dash tablet to the Analysis tablet. Once the sync is completed, old data and videos can be deleted from the Dash tablet using the Runs screen.