Dash Main Features


Modes of Operation

Modes (screens) are selected using the bottom left corner button Modes.

The Recorder is used to record data & video. Recorded data is saved to Runs. Videos are saved in Pictures on Android.

Street is the dash view for street driving.

Runs is used to organize data runs and to display summary information for each run.

Analysis is used to analyze & compare data in Runs. Analysis is also available as a Mac OS app.

Video is used to view recorded videos with data overlaid on the video. On iOS, Video is also used to export video with data overlays to the Photos app and YouTube (via the Photos app). Videos consume approximately 1GB of device storage per 12 minutes. Use the Recorder screen to check the available storage before starting a session; otherwise, video may not be recorded. Minimum recommended for a 20 minute session is 4GB.

Main Menu Items

Menu items are selected using the bottom right corner button .

Settings is used to enter information such as the driver name, car name, location name and to set various app preferences. Available from the Recorder and Street screens.

Locations is used to view lap times posted by other drivers. Available from the Recorder and Street screens.

Help is used to display the user guide and access Support information.

Optional Analysis Tablet

For applications that require the Dash tablet to be fixed to the vehicle, an optional tablet may be used for the Analysis and Video features away from the vehicle/Dash. The data and videos are transferred from the Dash tablet to the Analysis tablet using Sync (available as a menu item on the Dash tablet Recorder screen and the Analysis tablet Analysis).