Recorder displays data and lap times in real time, and it automatically records data and, video (optional).

Recording is automatic and starts when the vehicle exceeds 20MPH/33KPH, then stops when the speed drops below 15MPH/25KPH for more than 5 seconds.

The Recorder is always running so it captures several seconds of data before the start trigger occurs. However, video starts at the point of the trigger; manual recording may be used to capture video an entire run, especially for autocross and other forms of standing start open course events.

Recording may be started/stopped manually by tapping on the start/stop button (also the recording indicator); use Settings to enable manual recording.

The GPS signal strength indicator must be green to acquire usable data.

When the location is set to Predictive, the lap time is calculated at several points around the track. When the selected location has beacons defined, the lap timer uses the defined beacons to calculate the lap time. Use Settings to select/create locations.

Video recording is automatic and starts/stops when data recording stops/starts. This feature is initially disabled; use Settings to enable it. To aim the camera, tap on the mini-video window next to the record button/indicator .

Display Customization

The tachometer and all data displays are customizable; double-tap pops up a customization window.

The tachometer customization window provides the following settings:


The data display customization windows provides the following settings:



Menu items are selected using the bottom right corner button .

Menu items: