CMS Lap Timer Pro

Video is used to view run videos with data overlays that have been created by Recorder. One run video may be viewed at a time.

Below is a sample screen shot of the Video screen.

View the sample on YouTube

The top section displays the run name and current lap information.

The bottom section shows the track map, g-g graph (also called the friction circle), vehicle speed, lateral (turning) G force and longitudinal (acceleration / deceleration) G force.

Touch Interactions


Run Buttons

To select a run, tap on the Run button and select a run from the list. Only runs that have and associated video are listed (to turn video recording on or off, use the Settings screen).

When a run's location has beacons defined, you can select laps via the Lap button.

Toolbar Buttons



Menu Options:

  • Export to Photos app

    Tip: To upload the exported video to YouTube, switch to the Photos app after the export has finished

  • Adjust Sync / Lock Sync

    Displayed only if the video is not automatically synchronized; created by an earlier version (pre-1.4)
Rewind Move to the start of the video.
Step Back
Step Back Move back .1 second
Pause Stop playback
Play Start playback
Step Forward
Step Forward Move forward .1 second