CMS Lap Timer Pro

The Runs screen lists the runs that have been created by Recorder.

To view the details for a run, tap on it in the list. This displays the Run Details screen described below.

To delete a run, slide your finger across it and tap on the delete button that appears on the right. Or, tap on the Edit button to delete more than one run at a time.

The Actions button Actions allows you to:

  • Import runs from Downloads
  • Export all runs to Downloads
  • Exchange runs via Bluetooth with other people that have CMS Lap Timer Pro

Comparing runs with others is one of the best ways to improve driving performance! Share often! Share runs at the track via email.


The Run Details screen displays various attributes of a run and allows you to change some of these attributes.

The Location attribute associates the location's beacons with the run.

The Racing Type attribute tailors the way Analysis displays the run data. For example, since the speeds are lower and the course is tighter for autocross vs road racing, Analysis Summary View is zoomed in tighter for autocross.

The Actions button Actions allows you to:

  • Display the run in Analysis
  • Send the run via e-mail
  • Export the run to Downloads